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In order to truly connect people through language, education must be easily accessible. AIETA’s connection of English teachers and foreign institutions does this with ease. They provide teachers the opportunity to either travel abroad or work from home on their own clock to provide students around the world with the chance to learn English in their own communities.
By sending teachers abroad physically and virtually, AIETA is facilitating the exchange of languages and making it easy for anybody with a 4-year degree to get involved and make a difference. It is a win for the teacher and a win for the student. “Being part of a company that helps unite the world through communication is huge! Not only is this giving back to humanity, but this also helps create jobs for Americans,” Zac explained.
Aside from the early success AIETA has achieved, they continue to grow and make noise not only here in the Silicon Valley as a startup, but around the world as a leader in the English as a second language exchange market.

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