Our Story

The Idea

"Really the idea came about during a backpacking trip through Asia. Meeting people all over the world, I realized the profound effect that traveling has on a person. " CEO Zac Grove states.

When connecting teachers with quality institutions around the world, AIETA thrives in making this the best user experience possible. Whether that is teaching online from the comfort of your home, or traveling abroad at one of our institutions, we can assure you to become a better professional once said and done.

"Being able to provide Americans with jobs is one thing. But being able to teach someone of less knowledge of our English language is another. Now when able to implement both of those, then you realize there is really something special going on. Connecting two different cultures through our language is not only beneficial for educational purposes, but also for humanity. I stand for this purpose." Co Founder Justin Lozano explains.

Our Specialties

Teach Abroad

We connect quality teachers with established English institutes around the world.

Certifications and Work Visa’s

AIETA or its affiliates provide assistance with legal work visas and teaching certifications.

Online English Teaching

AIETA connects teachers with online English teaching platforms that connect teachers with students in foreign countries.

The Mission

We decided to move

forward with building

"To create a resource for teachers in the United States to connect with schools around the world. Many people look to make a big change but don't know exactly how. AIETA aims to solve this problem.

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Career Opportunities

Web Developer
On Location
Marketing Intern
On Location
International English Teacher
Online English Teacher

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