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    Create Ongoing Learning Opportunities

    With rapid technological advancements, skill sets can quickly become outdated. From learning new software programs to participating in leadership development programs and, even, learning new languages, the companies that succeed at challenging their employees to hone new skill sets have a better shot at fighting employee boredom and retaining long-term team members.

    As Millennial and Gen-Z employees are often still trying to explore their interests and gain new experiences, many want jobs that allow them to travel the world and broaden their horizons. AIETA is a company committed to helping individuals across the globe gain new language proficiencies starting with their own employees. The young professionals who embark on educational positions abroad through AIETA have the opportunity to not only teach English to students in other countries but to also learn, firsthand, how to adapt to new communities and cultures.

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    Set Personal Boundaries

    When you’re building a business from the ground up, everything is personal. You’re throwing your heart and soul into creating something that will hopefully add value to people’s lives and lead to a sustainable venture. As exciting as the path of an entrepreneur is, it is also immensely frustrating and not without its setbacks. Zac Grove, the founder of AIETA, a startup dedicated to connecting English language teachers with institutions across the globe, knows firsthand how important it is to separate personal feelings from business decisions.

    When you bring a new product or company into the world you are deeply attached to it, and often, this attachment can mean that you fail to see other people’s perspectives. Instilling a strong metrics and KPI system throughout your company from the start ensures that you protect your company from your own emotional investment. Drawing hard boundaries between audience data and your personal perception of what a product or campaign should be will help your company stay in sync with your outside audience’s wants and needs. Leaders who fail to establish sound wellness foundations risk building a venture atop an unstable foundation. Nothing is worth forgoing the health of your employees and yourself. If the people you’re entrusting to bring your venture to life (yourself included) are not of sound mind and body, how can you expect to make a lasting impact. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and, yes, your customers to prioritize health and balance throughout the workday.

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    AIETA, which stands for the American International English Teachers Association, is changing the face of international education as we know it. In the past, if an aspiring teacher wanted to get work abroad, teaching English as a foreign language, it was a complicated, messy process. From figuring out whether schools would pay airfare, to where it’s possible to get visas with an American passport, it was a daunting task.

    AIETA changes all of that. They handle the entire process, on both ends of the recruiting process, by matching the best students with the best schools. And considering that a huge number of English teachers are renewing their contracts more than ever before, it’s more important than ever for new applicants to have a leg up. Additionally, this ensures that applicants get the visas they need, accommodations, and paid-for-flights.

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    Before launching the American International English Teachers' Association, Zac Grove was helping other educational technology startups raise funds and build operations. This allowed him to learn the industry ropes, later applying this knowledge to his passion project.

    "After working in ed-tech, I realized that my passion in life was launching solutions to bring about change. I would never have had the confidence to venture out on my own had I not first paid my dues and learned about building a solid business by working at another venture," says Grove. Consider developing the skills, insights and experience needed by working for another company -- it's a viable option that can pay off long-term.

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    One of the most popular ways of pursuing a career path globally is by teaching English abroad (and in the States, too, if you decide to return after traveling around). Whether you want to teach in the center of Paris, or in the mountains of Peru, there are opportunities everywhere. It’s all about getting the right certification (for example, earning a CELTA), deciding what country you want to go to, and applying for jobs with schools in the area.

    If it’s your first time looking for a job teaching English, it can also be a good idea to use a service such as American International English Teachers Association (AIETA), which connects teachers and young professionals with institutions looking for English language teachers. Through AIETA, individuals can rest assured knowing that they’re working for credible schools that offer monthly allowances, as well as travel stipends which covers the cost of housing and health insurance.

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    American International English Teacher’s Association connects young professionals eager to live abroad with teaching posts in English language institutions. According to founder, Zac Grove, “Spending time teaching in a foreign country offers real-life experience that you just can’t get at a typical desk job. Living in a new location and interacting with new cultures forces you to constantly learn and problem solve on your own, which are necessary skills for pursuing any independent venture.”

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    American International English Teachers Association (AIETA)

    One of the best jobs you can get the first time you travel abroad is teaching English as a foreign language. Many schools in many countries are constantly searching for fluent English speakers with a college degree to teach all ages, and quite often offer benefits such as housing and a teaching English certification. But looking for a teaching job across the world can be scary, too. There are scams out there, and even when there aren’t, it might be completely different than what you envisioned.

    Luckily, the American International English Teachers Association (AIETA) simplifies this entire process. By connecting you with quality institutions around the world and providing both certification and work visas to cover the legal aspects of applying, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistical details. And usually, the schools they work with pay for your flight, housing, and healthcare. So you can focus on where you want to move, and they’ll do the rest.