Who is AIETA?

Who is AIETA

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American International English Teachers Association ( AIETA ) connects teachers with the opportunity to teach in an alternative setting. Our teachers get the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language to international students either online or while traveling abroad.

Co-founders Zac Grove (previously of 500 Startups) and Justin Lozano have built their company by applying a fresh, hands-on approach to a high-demand industry. In understanding the needs of teachers, they are able to offer both self-directed online positions and international placements in China. Justin and Zac personally visit and approve each international school they connect applicants with to ensure the safety and legitimacy of every institution and, as experienced travelers, can guarantee a safe and seamless transition.

AIETA’s primary goals include providing students worldwide with the opportunity to learn English while simultaneously creating job opportunities for American teachers.

Interested applicants can use the website effortlessly. The homepage elegantly presents the mission, how it serves both its teachers and institutions and leads to a simplistic application process with no frills.

Approved teachers who choose to go abroad will receive complimentary airport transportation, free in-country housing, paid flights and medical insurance, generous holidays and sick days, teacher’s assistants, and monthly stipends. Those who choose to teach online will have the abilities to set their own schedules and earn full-time or supplemental income as they work their own hours.

In order to truly connect people through language, education must be easily accessible. AIETA’s connection of English teachers and foreign institutions does this with ease. They give teachers the opportunity to either travel abroad or work from home on their own clock to provide students around the world with the chance to learn English in their own communities.

Teachers travel abroad both physically and virtually, facilitating the exchange of languages and allowing anybody with a 4-year degree to get involved and make a difference.

Thousands of teachers have already been successfully placed online and abroad.

AIETA currently operates in San Francisco CA and continues to expand business across Europe and Asia.

    • Haley Perry, San Francisco State Journalist (October 2, 2017)


If you are interested in teaching online Click Here


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  • Dannette Jackson says:

    Okay Justin,

    I am better understanding your organization’s purpose & goal but I guess my most pressing question to you is “how much autonomy or independence are you given with researching & designing of the course curriculum? I know that it’s suppose to be a team effort but how willing are they to incorporate new or different teaching ideas & techniques into their way of learning?” I’m just curious… Thanks!

  • Kokab says:

    I want to teach online from home

  • margie stevens says:

    Keen to begin learning a new approach to learning!

  • Will Brownell, PhD says:

    Gentlemen and Gentlewomen,

    One question: Suppose an applicant has a PhD in history from Columbia U, and a Master’s in English from same; suppose, too, that he is currently being published in Chinese, in China, in the field of political science, by the Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing, Limited; Suppose he has awards in literary translation (Frency); suppose he is also published in the US and overseas by Macmillan Publishers; suppose he has all this…. but does not have certification for ESL…. Would his positive credentials outweigh his negative? Would you be able to place him?


    Will Brownell, PhD

  • Justin says:

    Good morning Sir, your organisation is doing a great job and I will be glad becoming a beneficiary. It has been my dream to teach in China and, I believe with you, this dream will be actualised. I am a Nigerian residing in Abuja, Nigeria. I have a 4-years Bachelor of Arts degree in English from a state university (Benue State University, Makurdi). I hereby offer myself to support your organisation by traveling to teach anywhere if given the opportunity. I hope to hearing from you soon.

  • Linda W Thompson says:

    I wLindaould actually like to teach online or in Asia. My husband and I lived in Papua, Indonèsia for about two years and enjoyed it a great deal.
    We have often said we would like to live in Indonèsia again.

  • Maureen Kemp says:

    Hello I am interested in teaching online but I am not excited about teaching for a company located in China because Zi wonder who pays me. Please clarify.

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